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One thing that is VERY important is your health and for anyone who uses computers, exercises like these can change lives. So PLEASE, take a few moments and look after yourselves :love:

I’m determined to start sharing information and resources as much as possible so that it may be useful for anyone wanting to start and/or to practice art.
There are tons of great free resources available online so it’s never too late to start/leveling up XD


Learning Material:

Ctrl+P - Quite possibly the biggest series of free lessons covering all the fundamentals that you’re likely to come across on the internet. The wonderful Matt Kohr also offers some really great tips and expert advice. A fantastic place for anyone wanting to start drawing and painting, just be sure to do the assignment homework:

Draw A Box - Another great series of free lessons to get you started on the all important drawing foundations and expand into more advance subjects (their archives are still growing):


Life Drawing:
(Please be advised that the following links are 18+ because of the artistic nude imagery)

The Croquis Cafe
-  A figure drawing class recorded in real time, featuring models in artistic poses. I love their Youtube channel, the videos feature timed, high quality images that are perfect for those without access to life drawing classes or if you just want to practice in your own time:…

Their main site has tons of high quality images of the models:

Character Designs - A fantastic collection of high quality free images for artists:

Line of Action -
Courtesy of :iconsheruchan:
A great site where you can chose your own learning pace when it comes to the images provided. Be it timed, anything from 30 seconds to 10 minutes with the option to set your own custom time or to take the class mode which offers a session (e.g 30 min class mode would consist of 10 poses: 30 seconds, 5 poses: 1 minute, 2 poses: 5 minutes, 1 pose: 10 minutes):

New Master Academy -
A non-nude version of daily life drawing series of timed reference videos. There aren't as many videos up yet but they are still expanding.
All images can also be found at their image library on their main site:…


Inspiration and Resources:

IAMAG - So many resources in one site. There is everything from links to art of collections, tutorials, interviews and articles:

Level Up- Courtesy of :iconadaydreaming-artist:
Another fantastic site where professional artists offer paintover sessions, tips, advice and links to tons and tons of useful resources XD


Resources On DA:

Courtesy of :iconiduna-haya: who has put together these amazing series of really useful journals:

Find your way around DA #1: Pose ReferencesComing up with interesting, accurate poses for your characters can be difficult. Either they all end up looking the same, or the poses just don't look right. Drawing from a reference is a great way to practice this. Luckily, there are lots of amazing resources available to help you out, both here on DeviantArt and one the big bad WWW. I've listed the ones I know here, so you don't have to do the digging.
- I've picked resources that focus on poses, not on anatomy. This means that the drawn pose references listed here are not necessarily anatomically correct. Though the two are definitely related, to me they're not necessarily the same thing. Your anatomy might be great, but a good pose can really bring your image to life. 
- This journal focuses on humans, not animals. Animal references will be listed in the next journal.
A little guide to the list
Real Life Poses: Stock photographs of real people in various poses, generally against a white backdrop.
Drawn pose stock:&
Find your way around DA #2: Animal StockDrawing animals can be a challenge, especially when you usually only draw humans. But that shouldn't keep you from trying! Luckily there is a large variety of animal stock available right here on DeviantArt. Here's another list to help you find just the right one for you ^^
- This list is by no means complete. There is a lot of animal stock on DA, of varying degrees of quality, so I've had to make some selections. The mentioned deviants have a large amount of stock specifically for that animal, the stock is of above-average quality, and/or stock of that type is difficult to find. I've focused on photographic references.
- Some deviants are mentioned more than once, if they have a substantial amount of stock of more than one kind of animal.
- That a deviant is mentioned is listed under an animal does not mean that they don't have other animal stock. Almost all do. 
- Sadly not all of the mentioned deviants/groups are still active. However their galleries are still re
Find your way around DA #3: Color TheoryPicking the right colors for your work can be a long process. It's about more than just personal preferences. Colors can behave strangely. Some things work better together than others, but sometimes tried and tested combinations suddenly don't work in a piece, or colors that usually don't go together are an unexpectedly great match. What madness is this?!
Rest assured: There is reason behind this madness: Color Theory. It's a term that I think many have heard before, and only few really understand. But it's a very important tool for visual artists. The basics are simple, but it can get pretty complex, and getting the hang of it takes a lot of practice. 
So in this journal I have collected resources that try to explain the concept of Color Theory, and/or give tips on how to pick your palettes. This is not a journal on coloring in general! The two things obviously do overlap, but I will try to focus exclusively on the theoretical aspect of it. 
I hope this list will be use
Find your way around DA#4: Composition+PerspectiveA good composition can turn an 'average' artwork into something memorable. It's more than just 'how to make things look nice'. A well thought-out composition can guide the eye of the viewer, telling a story in just one single image. Even artwork that's technically perfect can be boring if no real though was put into the composition.
It's not always the case, but composition often goes hand in hand with perspective. Many artists struggle with this (both beginners and more advanced), but a basic knowledge of perspective can really take your work to the next level. It's an essential tool for drawing credible backgrounds and landscapes. 
The basics for these two skills seem easy, but more advanced composition and perspective can be real brain-breakers. I've collected tutorials here to help you get started. Read, learn, practice, and be amazed by your own work!
Tutorials and quick tips to get you started
Find your way around DA #5: Coloring and ShadingIn a previous journal we had a look at color theory (Find your way around DA #3: Color Theory). But once you've figured out what colors to use you realize you've barely started. You have to figure out where to place your shadows and light, and what is the best way to add the colors to your canvas?
In this journal I've collected tutorials and references that cover these subjects. This list is not complete! There are so many tutorials on DA, especially for coloring, it would be almost impossible for me to list them all. When an artist has multiple coloring tutorials I've usually picked only one or two, so be sure to check out their galleries! You will notice that there are almost as many different techniques as there are artists. There is no 'one right way'. Try a few, find something that works for you, and then make it your own ^^
- As usual I've tried to seperate starter and more advanced tutorials, but I must admit the divisin is some


I’ll probably add more to this post if I come across more things to share XD


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